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About COMB

In a team of passionate, young filmmakers, COMB emerged at the dawn of the new decade. Despite the difficulties, regarding the corona pandemic, we managed to set up shop, in Copenhagen, where we also worked our first gigs. We always aim to produce the most refined content, despite every creative limit. Already having produced tons of content for various clients, the strong collaboration settled, and we joined forces with the experienced photographer, Morten Jerichau. With a background in the narrative and VFX world, we developed a style, that integrates all of our specialties, and our keen eye for the small details. We then turned it into a blend of commercials, music videos and narrative films.

Karl Zaki

Karl was originally displayed at Rigshospitalet, and his first word (after “mom”), was screwdriver. With an academical mom and a hard-working dad, he obtained a lot of curiosity for different topics while also getting some practical skills. After 17 years in the big city, his family moved to a big old farm in Nordsjælland and he moved with them, so for the last couple of years, he's been learning about horses, sheep, muscovy ducks, and other newfangled stuff. He plays and listens to a lot of music, and have been taking up a lot different instruments over the years. He uses his musical ear a lot in his film work. In high school, his teacher once said to him, that a 65-year-old fellow, was living inside him. That is a weird thing to say to a student, but they are still friends to this day, even after he dropped out to follow his dreams, and the teacher probably said it, because of Karl's use of language, and different taste in art.

Anthon Brouneus

As a filmmaker, Anthon's dreams of making films, started at a very early age of 6. Anthon and his best friend, made small action films in their backyards every day for many years. Anthon's creative passion, also evolved in other areas, in dancing and theatre acting. Anthon has since then, become a critically aclaimed film director and writer. Having been nominated and won awards, for several of his narrative films at film festivals. He now works at COMB Media, as partner and film director, directing and writing short films, feature films, commercials and music videos.

"The point is there ain't no point."